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Nova at 7 months

Nova has reached 7 months!!! Oh my goodness, I just want time to SLOW down. She's getting so big, independent, and BUSY. We can't hold her for longer than ten minutes because she's trying to get down and explore any and EVERY thing around her. Sometimes I get into my feelings about that haha. Like little girl you see me trying to give you kisses on these cute little chunky cheeks so why are you trying to get away from me! Oh man and don't let daddy walk in because it's over with for me. She's over me at that point and all over him. They're literally like two peas in a pod. It's the cutest thing ever.

Because our little one is growing so fast, we just want to savor every second, minute, hour with her, which is one of the reasons why we wanted to create this blog. Our desire was to create a visual journey that includes the stories and adventures behind the photos so that we could one day look back on and even share with Nova when she gets of age.

Nova Update

At 7 months her cute little personality is already showing. She's going to be the sweetest little girl, I can already tell. She's never not smiling or laughing!

So at this time, Nova is sitting up (doing this since 5 months), crawling, and pulling up on literally everything. I mentioned all of this to her pediatrician who said that we may have a walker on our hands at around 9 months. Whew. That's like tomorrow!

Nova has two little bottom teeth trying to come through. She hasn't been too irritable, which is a good thing. I try to keep as many teething toys with me as possible to soothe her. She also likes when I put them in the freezer/refrigerator and then give them to her. If she get's tired of that I'll wash my hands and take my finger and just massage her gums. Before she started teething, she would eat every three hours but now her appetite has decreased and she's not finishing her bottles. So in order to make sure she doesn't get dehydrated, I make sure she eats at least every 4 hours.

Nova is not in daycare as of right now. Nijyl and I both have been fortunate to have retired parents who can watch over her while we're both at work. Awesome grand parents right? Yes we know! We can't even put in to words the gratitude that we have for them. We do want to have her in daycare by the time she turns 1.

One of Nova's favorite things right now is watching the Baby First channel. If you're not familiar, Baby First is a learning and developmental channel for babies that includes different shows that engage your little one in various areas of infant and toddler developmental skills. She loves every show on there and I love it too because it's such a great learning and developmental tool as well as a big help when Nijyl and I are trying to get some work done. For more information on Baby First or to find your local listings Click Here.

Mommy Update

I've recently gotten back into the gym and let me tell you finding the time and energy has been so difficult. When I do get free time, all I want to do is rest. But when I do find the time to get in the gym I find myself wanting to be back with Nova. I feel guilty that I'm working out and not spending time with her. I'm aware that that our physical health is important especially as mommies so we can have the energy to keep up with our little ones but how do I find a balance??? A balance of being a mom and working full time all while trying to get it back right and tight? I would love to hear from you mommies out there who are also trying to find that balance. What has worked for you? I'm still trying to figure it out. Help ya girl!

Daddy Update

I like to think of Nijyl as MVD (Most Valuable Dad). He really holds it down for Nova and I. He works full-time as well but since he's self-employed his hours are more flexible during the day. Because of this, he's able to spend more time with Nova throughout the day and take her on her little casting gigs which are mostly during the weekdays. Nine times out of ten he's usually the only daddy at the castings, but he doesn't mind. He said he enjoys seeing her on set and eating the free snacks LOL.


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