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Starting Nova on Solids

People always asked Nijyl and I when we would start giving Nova cereal in her milk. "When are you going to start giving that baby some cereal" or "you haven't given that baby any cereal yet?" I mean we were asked non-stop and at times it felt like we were being pressured to do so. So like with anything else, we did some research on mixing cereal with baby's milk and we saw that there is this ongoing debate with starting infants on rice cereal. I will be the first to say, the cons definitely out way the pros in my opinion. Basically, the cereal that's given to babies is neither rice nor cereal and it's actually highly processed white flour. The cereal is nearly 100% glucose! Sugar! Sugar! Sugar! So after seeing this we decided to opt out of giving Nova rice cereal. Another major reason why we decided to not go the cereal route is because Nova has mild baby eczema and according to Nova's pediatrician rice cereal can cause eczema to flare up. So yea, I don't believe we missed out on anything, especially Nova. I'm glad we waited to give her the real deal "baby food". So let me tell you all about that :)

Last week we FINALLY started Nova on solids! We knew it was time because she was showing readiness cues and of course she's at the age where we can introduce it to her. Usually, you start your little one on a vegetable of your choice. I always knew I wanted to start Nova on avocado first because of its great benefits (build's a better brain, keeps allergies and diseases away with anti-inflammatory properties, and supplies vitamins and minerals.) Avocado also has a very high success rate as a first food along with sweet potatoes/yams, peas, ripe banana, squash and pears. Nijyl and I can attest to it being a successful first food because Nova loved it! Homegirl is eating good and I can't wait to introduce more foods to her!

It is recommended that you introduce your babies to all of the vegetables before you move on to fruits so that's what we're doing. I've seen other people take different approaches and to each it's own. You find a process that works best for your baby and you. So far, this process works for our family. Once we introduce all vegetables and fruits then we will start the mixing process (mixing vegetables and fruits). In the meantime, the next vegetable up is squash! Yum!

What was your child's first food and why?

PS: We make Nova's baby food at home and wanted to share with you all how we do that! See below.

Pureeing Avocado

Step 1: Cut up the avocado

Step 2: Process in nutribullet with a little waterto get a smooth consistency

Step 3: Place in storage containers (we use Infantino Fresh Squeezed Line)

Step 4: ENJOY!



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