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Sunday Funday

This summer has been quite busy for my family and I. It feels like we were out of town every other weekend to visit my family or Nijyl's family. When we weren't out of town, we just wanted to stay at home with Nova and rest up for the work week. Well, this past weekend we got up and got our things together for a family picnic at the park! Since Nova is still mostly consuming milk and some baby foods it wasn't hard for us to pack her food items. The picnic idea was somewhat last minute so we didn't have time to actually prepare "picnic food" for ourselves. So on the way to the park, we stopped by our favorite restaurant at Ponce City Market called Botiwalla. If your into Indian food or wouldn't mind trying it we HIGHLY recommend you trying the Lamb Boti Kabob Roll and the Masala Mashed Potatoes there. It's so good!  After picking up our food, we headed to the park for some fun. The outing was so nice, and the weather believe it or not (you know how ATL weather gets) was perfect! It felt good to unwind in the middle of the park, take in the view, and play with Nova. We definitely want to continue having picnics as a family tradition, especially as Nova gets older. Our goal is to teach her to always appreciate special family occasions and that memorable times together don't always have to cost a lot of money. Check out some pics below of our day at the park! Check out a few pics from our outing below! 

Here are some reasons why going on a picnic is good for your family:

It Creates Family Bonding. At times, there are so many things going on in people's lives that it seems to be less opportunities where family members can come together and enjoy each other's company. A picnic provides a perfect opportunity to detach ourselves from the our daily activities and do just that. 

Builds Tradition. We want our children to grow up and have certain traditions just like we did as kids. It creates a sense of belonging. Family rituals and traditions are imperative because they help instill values that our children can use throughout their lives. 

Escape Electronic Traditions. We all can be guilty of it. Any online activity whether it's checking the local news or social media can bog down our minds and spirits. We have to make sure we take the time to step away from these online interactions to give ourselves a break. Try to set a weekly time cap that you spend on your phone and see how productive your week goes!

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