• Candace M.

Must Have Products: Brixton Phoenix Teething Accessories

If any of you mommies are looking for a few new teething toys and accessories for your little one Brixton Phoenix has got you covered! 

We all know that teething can be a very challenging experience for both the baby and you. As your baby’s teeth prepared to break through the surface of the gums, pain can cause irritability, sleeplessness and sometimes a little fever. One of the most common ways to soothe your teething little one is to provide them with a teething ring. Since our Nova is currently in the teething phase, we wanted to have the perfect teething toys to help soothe her during this time. That’s why we decided to purchase a few teething accessories from Brixton Phoenix!

Brixton Phoenix has a wide selection of teething rings, necklaces, and the cutest little accessories to help soothe your little one’s gums. The products are so trendy and functional and your baby can enjoy them from infancy to toddlerhood. Most importantly, their products are toxic free! Products are a 100% food grade silicone, 100% non toxic, and BPA free. Say what? Trendy and organically made? That’s definitely a must have! Here are some of my favorites from their collection. 

They have the perfect warm and soft color combinations and the materials and the materials are so smoothe for your little one. The size of the accessories are perfect. Nova fits them into her hand and mouth perfectly. These are the best teething toys we’ve had and we’re looking forward to purchasing more! If you would like to purchase some for your baby, you can use our code to get 10% off-Nova10Click here to see their collection.


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