• Candace M.

Our shoot with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA)

Today, Nova and I went on our first mommy/baby duo shoot with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. It was so fun! Usually, her dad takes her on these castings but I got the opportunity to take her and join in on all of the fun. Nova did so well. She’s starting to become a pro at this. They loved her! I was the one that had to get use to being on camera, but I think I did pretty well to say the least lol.

The shoot started in the morning. First thing I had to do was go into hair and makeup. Yes hair and makeup fancyyyyy! It was real simple makeup. They wanted the mommies to look as natural as possible. My hair was done so it wasn’t much to do with that.

After hair and makeup, Nova and I just sat around waiting for our camera time. She did so good waiting, she even grew attached to the producer who was so sweet and helpful. The crew was so nice and helpful as well. 

There were two parent duos’s when I got there. A daddy and his son and another mommy with a baby girl. During the breaks between setting up the next shots, photographers would capture Nova and the other babies playing together. She and I both enjoyed that since she doesn’t have much interactions with babies her age because she is not in daycare right now. 

When it was our turn to shoot, it came right on time because Nova was getting a little hungry and they wanted to get shots of me feeding Nova and her actually feeding herself. They stuffed my baby up! Let see..she had sliced grapes, string cheese, peas, yogurt, and a little bit of meat. I was some what nervous because it was her first time trying dairy but she loved it! Yay Nova! The photographer and baby wrangler provided us with helpful guidance to get the right shots and it didn’t take long to get it because Nova was adapting so well to the camera. Here are a couple of shots below. Keep a look out for us in the next couple of weeks on the CHOA web and social media pages! 


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