• Candace M.

Nova's First Birthday Recap

This past Saturday, we celebrated Nova's first birthday at the Atlanta Dance Core Studio. We had such a great time with family and friends and most importantly Nova enjoyed herself fully. The theme for her party was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ONEderful is what you are :-) Nova is definitely our little star so we thought the theme would be fitting for her. Let me tell you, this party was self-made. We did not hire a party planner and created all of the decorations ourselves. Honestly, I had a vision of what I wanted the party to look like and with the help of close friends and family it all came together perfectly!

The dessert/cake table was one of the highlights of the party. We had star cut outs of Rice Krispie treats, chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn, assorted candy, and delicious cake! For entertainment, we purchased a mobile play lounge from Topplin Tots which the kids LOVED. This was the best idea we could have thought of to keep the kids entertained. They enjoyed it so much. If you’re in the Atlanta or surrounding area definitely check them out! Here’s a few pics of Nova and her big cousins enjoying the play lounge.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Nova’s first year with everyone. Just seeing family and friends that traveled near and far was amazing. We were so overwhelmed by the turnout. Thank you everyone for making this day so special. We are so blessed to have all of the love and support. Here are a few more pics from the big day.


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