• Candace M.

Stone Mountain Adventure

A couple of weekends ago, we took Nova on her first Stone Mountain adventure! We're always looking for different activities to do with her and thought this would be a perfect little nature outing that she would enjoy. Going up the mountain was such a rewarding activity. It was nice to remove ourselves from our everyday routine and the common distractions like the television and phone. I'm not much of an outdoors person, but I always enjoy visiting Stone Mountain. Nijyl is definitely an outdoor guy he loves activities that involve being outside. I definitely believe Nova is going to take after him, she loves going outside to play which is a great thing. Often times we let our kids get so consumed with video games, television, iPad, etc. that they get out of touch with spending time outdoors. I know most of you notice in your neighborhoods that not many kids are outside like the years before. As a kid, you literally had to drag us back inside because we loved being out there! Adults, we are guilty of this too. I definitely believe we need to find a good balance of this especially for our mental health. It's so refreshing!

So if you're planning on taking your own little one on an adventure like this of course preparation is key. Making sure everything you and your little one need is laid out the night before so you don't forget anything.

What to Pack:

1. Means of carrying child (baby carrier)

2. Weather protection (such as sunscreen or a hat/scarf depending on the weather)

3. Lots of water and snacks.

4. First aid kit.

5. Extra wipes, diapers, and waste bags.

Some additional tips: Make sure the distance is not that far. You know toddlers can have a short attention span. Nova was chilling on the way up but by the time we reached the top she was ready to get down and stretch her legs. We let her walk around for a few minutes before going back down and we took some pictures. By the time we began to head back down the mountain, you can tell she was ready to just be done but she did great. We just played some music and sung to her. Overall, she was a little trooper and enjoyed it. Were definitely going to continue to implement this activity!

Check out some of the pics below!


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