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Nova's Kids II Shoot

This past week, Nova had her first photo shoot in some months with Kids II. If you're not familiar with them, it's a company that designs, manufactures, and markets for brands like Bright Starts, Baby Einstein, Oball, Ingenuity, and Disney Kids. Nova's shot with them before so we were really excited to have her shooting with them again! I haven't submitted Nova to many castings recently due to there not being many to submit to. It's only been a handful of castings to come out, and many of those she did not fit the age requirement. So when I saw this opportunity, I jumped right on it!

Initially, I was excited and nervous when I received the email that Nova was chosen for the shoot. Nova hasn't shot with a company since she was 11 months, she's now almost 18 months. So you can see why I was somewhat's definitely been awhile! Turns out I had no reason to be nervous, she did great and got a callback for the next day! Even though it was getting a little shaky towards the end (she was getting tired), she did well enough for them to want to see her again. I was so proud of her!

Tips for a Smooth Shoot

  • Usually they provide wardrobe but ask that you bring certain clothing items. Make sure you do this. Don't assume they've got it covered. In one of the shoots, Nova ended up wearing one of her own shirts. Of course, this will be different if you are shooting with a clothing brand.

  • Let your baby rest before the shoot! They provide you with a shooting time, so it's important that you try and fit your baby's sleep schedule around that time. That's the worst having a cranky baby coming on set, and then you can't get a good shot!

  • Bring lots of snacks! Some shoots may have snacks but don't always count on it. Bring some snacks for you too. Don't be like Nijyl eating all of the production crew's snacks smh.

  • Make sure you bring toys, books, or flash cards to keep your little one entertained. Shoot times can be four hours or more, so you want to make sure your baby doesn't get cranky has something to play with. It also helps to bring their favorite toys to get them to warm up, smile, and giggle in the pictures they take.

Interestingly enough, they also asked that Nijyl and I participate in the shoot too lol. So look out for the family on the Bright Starts web and social media pages!

If you're interested in getting your child into modeling check my earlier post here on how I got my daughter started. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Check out some pics below from the two shoots.


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