• Candace M.

Muma Blue Book

I'm always excited when I find new children books to add to Nova's collection, so when we received the Muma Blue book I was thrilled to see it and read it to Nova! Muma Blue is a book company that allows you to create personalized stories for your little one. On the site, you first start off by choosing the type of story you want. There are four different stories that you can choose from and each story highlights certain values that will be touched on in the story. For example, I chose the Jelly Planet story for Nova and the main values within that story were generosity, tolerance, and creativity. It’s a book that’s adventurous and Nova is quite the audacious baby. Once you choose the story you want you can personalize the story by customizing the main character. The site gives you the option to choose the character’s name, gender, language of the story, and the physical appearance of the character. In addition, you can write a dedication to the person you are gifting the book with as well as add a photo of them at the end of the book! The book is so cute and the process of customizing is even cuter. Who doesn’t love customization?!

Clink the link to purchase one for your little one!


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