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Nova for Carters!

Welp, today was the day! Nova did her first shoot for Carter’s Children clothing and rocked it!  

Nova’s call time was at 10:00AM but they didn’t shoot her until around 12:00/12:30PM. 

When we first arrived, we were directed to sign in and fill out an image release form for the photos they would be taking during the shoot. Once we did that, we helped ourselves to the breakfast they provided for parent and baby. Then, we just waited until they were ready for her on set.  

It was almost two hours until they were ready to shoot Nova. The babies were getting tired right about the same time, and most of them began to fall asleep including Nova. Luckily, Nova got a good 45 minute nap and ate right before she slept so she wasn’t hungry at all. We went into hair and make up. They defined her curls a little more and put some blush on her little cheeks to make them even more cute and rosy. She looked adorable. 

Once we got on set, parents were instructed to remove their shoes just in case we were needed on set. Nova along with another little girl were in a photo together and then they began to shoot solo shots of Nova. She did so good. No more then ten minutes and they were done with Nova’s shots and we were released at 1:15PM. 

As we were heading home, Nova’s agency contacted me and asked if Nova could come back tomorrow so they could shoot her again. She clearly showed out to get a second callback. We’re so proud of her. Keep a look out for her within the next couple of months for Carter’s Spring 2018 Collection! Can you spot Nova below?

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