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Plan the Perfect Halloween Party with Dollar General

I must start off by saying that fall is by far my favorite season. I love everything about it. The cooler weather, the fashion, pumpkin patches, fall festivals, and yes of course Halloween! Don’t let anyone fool you. Halloween is not just a holiday for kids, but it’s also for adults too. I think I actually have more fun during Halloween now as an adult than I did when I was a kid and it’s mostly because of all of the Halloween parties. Have you ever just went to a Halloween party with the cutest decorations and vibe? I’ve been to plenty and wanted to share how you can throw your own amazing Halloween party!

If you’re looking to throw a big Halloween party or a small get together for the holiday, Dollar General has the right items for you. If you are like me, small get-together’s are more my speed but this post is for either or. Recently, I thought of having a few friends over to partake in the Halloween festivities and wanted to show you the items that I picked up.

All of the items that you see in the above photo are from Dollar General. I loved that I didn’t have to make multiple stops to various stores which can be very time-consuming. All the snacks and decorations were available at Dollar General.

If you’ve ever visited Dollar General, you know they have a seasonal section for that particular holiday/season where you can pick up all of your must-have items. Some of the things I picked up were a few of their Halloween party items such as the black plastic table cover, Halloween candy, plates, napkins, and cups. Everything you see came out to be less than $60. Wine included! It’s not a party without the libations, right? Oh, and can’t forget the snacks. I’m currently trying to make smarter food choices, so I picked up some popcorn and other yummy snacks from Dollar General’s new Good & Smart line that provides healthier options at a lower price. Since we’re having a ton of candy, it’s nice to have a balance!

Here’s a few photos of the finished product! Remember if you’re planning a Halloween event to visit Dollar General’s Halloween Page to see all of the amazing deals they have!

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