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A Visit to Aly's

Isn't it an amazing feeling when you find that perfect vacation destination? Especially after looking for places hours on end daily? That was me a few weeks ago when I came across Aly's beach on Instagram. We decided at that last minute that we wanted to take a quick trip to the beach before summer ended. Naturally, planning a trip a week before departure was completely stressful considering it being last minute, Covid-19 concerns, and trying to find the perfect location. We originally planned on visiting Hilton Head, since it's not that far from us and we really didn’t want to be on the road for a long time. However, we realized Panama City Beach was about the same distance so we opted for "The World's Most Prettiest Beaches" instead.

Once we finally nailed down our location, I went on the search to find the perfect hotel, and after reading countless hotel reviews (that were not the best) I was one bad review away from giving up. Most of the hotel rooms were dated, and I had some concerns with the handling of Covid-19 precautions or the lack there of (overcrowded pool area, etc.) that I saw in the reviews online.

It wasn't until I was viewing geotags on Instagram when I found Alys Beach. I can't believe I never heard of this place before! Everything about Alys is amazing. It's in its own secluded location with a private beach, and the homes are simply STUNNING. The architecture of the community definitely gives you the vibe that you are out of the country in Greece, Bermuda, or some other beautiful international country.

Why You Should Consider This Trip

I would highly recommend booking a trip to Aly's Beach because they follow all CDC guidelines when it comes to Covid-19. They have early check-out times and late check-ins to make sure all homes are sanitized thoroughly to meet the guidelines. Also, most houses have their own private pool, and again the beach is private so it's not overcrowded with people like you would normally see. This place is even more perfect if you’re not ready to travel internationally just yet. In addition, the staff is exceptional and super friendly and made us feel super comfortable!!We will definitely be visiting again!

Check out some photos down below of our trip and let me know if you would visit Alys Beach in the comment section!

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